The rain in New England these last few days has been literally record breaking. Basements are filled with water, rivers are flooded, and people are just simply wet. I kept meaning to take a picture that would somehow serve as a witness to the crazy weather, but I’ve been too busy just moving myself from point A to point B without getting too wet in the process. It’s easy to get grumpy with this kind of weather, but teaching has forced me to find the bright spots. We start each day in prayer, for example, and I find myself thanking God that the rain is feeding the plants, that it’s making the grass on the Common greener.

Rainy days always make me want to spend the day in bed with a book. It’s always painful to drag myself to work and force myself to be productive when the call of home and leisure is so strong. Today, the kids were feeling the same way, and begged me for some independent reading time. Now normally, I would be inclined to lean on my lesson plans, and plow ahead but today, feeling the same need myself, I gave in. I was surprised to see my squirrelly fourth graders, kids who tend towards socialization at any opportunity spread out around the room, stick their heads in books and read silently for over thirty minutes. While I couldn’t get lost in my own book (tempted as I was), I spent the time going over tests with the kids, giving them one-on-one time that would otherwise have been impossible. I was grateful that the rain forced us to change our plans, take a break from the constant instruction, and just be. We’ll have make-up work to squeeze in tomorrow, but for today it was enough just to savor a perfect teaching moment.


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