Discipline = Happiness… an Update

So my goals for March were:

  1. Go to yoga on Friday
  2. Wake up at 7:00 on Saturday and Sunday (which means go to bed at 10 on Friday and Saturday)
  3. Try the mostly sugar-free thing, for one more week

It’s funny because I had all but forgotten about having consciously made those goals in the midst of progress-report writing-rain avoiding-March dragging-craziness that has been going on. However, they must have been in the back of my mind because for the most part I did try to do them. I didn’t make it to Yoga at all (on account of the craziness), I tried the sugar-free thing, and I DID the waking up at 7:00 thing.

I didn’t want waking up at 7:00 on the weekends to make such a big difference. I LOVE sleeping in until whatever time I wake up, and I’ll do it plenty over my summer vacation. The boost in happiness I get on Mondays though, after a weekend of being disciplined enough to schedule that 7:00 wake-up call is practically immeasurable. So, it just goes to show, that discipline does offer a happiness boost, much as I find myself chagrined to admit it!

Bolstered by this realization, April’s goal is: get to the gym. I started early, figuring that building a routine while I was on vacation and the gym was right downstairs probably wasn’t such a bad plan! I’m aiming for 5 days a week (M T Th F Sat), and my attitude is that I just need to show up. I showed up Monday to a gym with none of my favorite cardio machines available and only a 30 minute window in which to squeeze in a workout. After some wandering around trying to figure out the bike sign-up, I managed to squeeze in about 20 minutes of biking, and gave myself a pat on the back for showing up. I’m hoping that just by showing up for awhile, I’ll be able to throw some discipline at that area of my life too.


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