On the Mend… and Back to the Sugar Free Idea

The good news is that eyes heal quickly. When I took off my bandage off this afternoon I realized that I am almost totally back to normal already!

On to another topic… although I was a complete and utter failure at going sugar free, my eyes were really opened to how much sugar is in my food, how much I crave the sugar in my food, and finally how much of the sugar in my food comes from corn. Before watching Food, Inc. I had no idea how much of my food is actually made of corn or corn products. Now, I’m all for corn, but I’m also a big fan of knowing what my food is made out of, and having corn by-products in everything I eat doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

So… I’m going away for the weekend, but when I get back, it’s time to start again, but this time with more of a “whole foods” focus.

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