Back in the Swing

I spent most of yesterday at a reading conference in Williamstown, MA. It was a nice break from the ordinary, but most of all it reminded me of how passionate I am about reading. Two years ago, I started a program to become a reading specialist. I had to stop due to scheduling conflicts with my job, but the first three classes I took were absolutely fascinating. I had never realized before how complex reading is, or how quickly reading deficits turn into serious issues for kids. This conference made me want to figure out if I could somehow pursue that degree again, just one more thing to ruminate on.

In the meantime, I am psyched for the weekend. I am still not on a normal schedule after a vacation when I could sleep whenever I wanted, and wake whenever I wanted. The sleep deficit I’ve created is beginning to catch up with me. Last night, I found myself starting to fight sleep at 7:45, and finally gave in at 8:15. The importance of a sleep routine has never been more fully impressed upon me, however, the idea of waking up no later than 6:30 on the weekends has me running for the hills. Do you maintain a regular sleep/waking routine? How do you find the discipline to wake up earlier than necessary on the weekends?

74 more school days…


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