Snow Day

The tree across the street, a tall, strong, evergreen, is coated with a thin layer of white. It looks almost like the hardened icing on a holiday cookie. Closer to my window, I can see the snow melting off the barren branches of a deciduous tree. The days until Spring rises seem long and unending, and my body longs to feel the warmth of the sun warm my bones once again. I long for the days when happiness is not so hard fought, when night does not begin before 6:00. Still, if I am mindful, if I make myself aware, there are signs of spring emerging even now.

  • The gradual extension of daylight, a minute or two everyday adds up to a whole extra hour of daylight since mid-December. These days I make early trips home from work so that I can warm myself in the sun that streams through my window and on to my bed just before it sets- a gift from late winter.
  • The impending onset of daylight savings time, just 26 more days
  • The warming trend, and consistent temperatures above freezing. There’s not a single high in the seven-day forecast predicted to be below 32. Finally.
  • Snow that melts practically before it has landed.
  • Truck Day at Fenway, and Spring Training in Florida
  • The Lenten season beginning tomorrow, anticipation of Easter and a reminder of the Resurrection that is to come.

Spring is coming, even when it is hard to believe.


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