Week 2 Recap, Week 3 Ahead

Week 2 was marginally better than Week 1. It was BUSY beyond belief, but I was able to stick to a schedule for the most part, and that felt good. I bought a box of scones, which motivated me to get up and out of bed every morning in order to eat one. It’s not the healthiest breakfast in the world… but at 270 calories it’s a heck of a lot better than the Starbucks scone (490 calories) I was buying almost everyday. I can only fight so many battles at a time.

Last week, I was excited to hear two of my favorite authors speak. On Wednesday I saw Gretchen Rubin of http://www.happiness-project.com speak at the Brookline Booksmith. Her book, The Happiness Project is on my to-read list this year, and along with many other readers of her blog, I’ve embarked on my own Happiness Project. I started out trying to do this on my own, but in the end, I think I’ll be more successful if I follow her suggestions. At least for now. So I’m a couple of weeks behind, but since I’ve already worked on “getting more sleep,” I’m going to jump into “get more exercise” this week. Here’s where the other author comes in. On Friday, I got to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak. She’s amazing, and said a lot of really interesting (and funny) things, but the thing that was most applicable to my own life was her goal of doing something physical with her body everyday. I think that is a helpful way to look at exercise, and I am going to try to incorporate that philosophy into my own life, especially in the spring when it is a little easier! This week, I am going to try to “get more exercise” by going to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday and hitting up my favorite yoga class on Friday.

This week is going to be busy, I’ve got choir practice, voting, dinner plans, my sister’s birthday, and lots on the to-do list on top of this being my observation week, but hopefully I’ve made a plan I can stick to.


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