Week 1: A Recap

School started… parent-teacher conferences happened… and I made a quick exit off the resolution bandwagon. Does that mean my resolutions were worthless? I don’t think so… and I don’t think it even means that I can’t be successful at keeping them. It just means that last week was impossible.

Still, there were some small successes. I ended last week by dragging myself to the Friday yoga class that I love to go to but never seem to make. I did not want to go. I wanted to go home, curl up in bed ostensibly with a book but more than likely with 15 minutes of TV before I conked out. Since the rest of the week had been such a failure though, and since I desperately need to start making the most of my gym membership, I went. And I felt so good afterwards! My back, which had tightened up from a week of stress and cold weather loosened and just that made the trip worth it. On Saturday, I planned out a week’s worth of healthy meals and managed to bring the grocery list to church so that I could actually purchase the requisite food.

And then Monday hit… I started the day by reading a bit of the Sunday paper over breakfast. What a nice way to start the day! However, midway through the day my good intentions had fallen by the wayside. Still… there’s another day tomorrow!

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