Week 1: Day 3

I’m refreshing my resolutions for the month of January. (I know, I know, it’s only day 3!) Anyway, I’m finding the ones I’ve got too broad… I need specifics. So, January…

1. Get up earlier (the ultimate goal of the “get up earlier” resolution is to start going to the gym a few mornings a week. That’s February’s goal… I figured we could start simply in January).

2. Go to bed earlier.

3. Take my multivitamin.

4. Make a weekly plan. Reevaluate daily.

5. Make a weekly meal plan. Before the weekend. Don’t forget dinner.

6. Update the blog at least twice a week. Ideally I’d do this daily… but let’s face it, there are all too many days when I come home and collapse into bed. One can’t be too ambitious.


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