Week 1: Day 2

If I’ve learned anything in this new year it is that if I want to accomplish anything, I need to have a list. Not a computer list, but a physical paper-pencil list that can follow me around. Already, I can’t figure out what I am supposed to be doing today!

I woke up late today, which was okay because I am enjoying my last two days of vacation. While it’s going to make the next few days more difficult, I am grateful for time to wake up without an alarm. That part of the morning routine can start on Monday. I think what is going to be most difficult about establishing my morning routine is that if I want to enjoy relaxing weekday mornings, I really shouldn’t sleep in past 6:30 on the weekends. Equally difficult will be committing to a regular bedtime. It seems crazy, at the age of 26, to go to bed at 9:30. It feels like I am missing something, and maybe I am, but if it makes waking up in the morning easier, I’m willing to commit. While there are some things in my schedule that will genuinely make this hard (community group until 9) or impossible (choir until 9:30), I am going to do my best to make it work… even if it means giving up watching my favorite TV shows “live.”

My goals for today are pretty simple. I took my daily multi-vitamin (I’m 1/2 on this one…), and am drawing out my morning routine so that my time is more relaxed. This morning, I made two smoothies for Monday and Tuesday morning and stuck them in the freezer. Tonight, I want to pack my bag for work on Monday (it’s no fun to do that Sunday night)! It’s snowing outside, so I think that I won’t venture out, I’m going to enjoy a lazy day in bed with a book (or 2, or 3).


Well… I didn’t quite manage to live healthfully today thanks to a little too much Christmas candy, but I did manage to live happily and mindfully. It was a lazy day, spent mostly inside thanks to some snowy weather. Still, I managed to get some good work done on my cousin’s sweater, and I was able to do some reading which I always enjoy. Beyond that… I just began dreaming of June. It’s so much easier to live happily, healthfully, and mindfully when you have all day, every day free to do it!


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